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Why ‘Looking For Shiprock‘? Because I’ve gone looking for Shiprock and wound up somewhere else completely, and had a lot of fun on the way. And I learned things during the journey, about my native countryside, my people, and myself. So come wander with me and see if you enjoy the ride.

This journal isn’t meant to be a comprehensive travel guide, instead, it’s a growing collection of vignettes of western places and people. The podcast is essentially the same content as the website.

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RV Destinations Magazine
I recently started writing for a new publication:  RV Destinations.

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I’m very pleased to be associated with these folks, as they put out a beautiful publication, rich with quality photos and destination articles about places around the country,  It’s a quarterly publication, soon to be every other month, with dozens of new destinations in each issue.  It’s unusual in that it is downloaded onto your iPad or tablet, or viewed on your computer